Planning A Ski Holiday To Mt Buller – Then Look No Further!

Whether you’re a dedicated ski enthusiast or first time snow tourist, we are your launch pad to Mt Buller!

Our team of passionate snow professionals will create the perfect snow holiday, whether for a day or overnight. With our onsite ski hire outlet, accommodation, dining and apres ski amenities, outdoor heated pool and hot tub, the Alzburg Resort is the whole package.

Discount Prices for Ski, Snowboard & Chain Hire in Mansfield

Ski trips up on Mt Buller are often lots of fun and suitable for family holidays or travelling with friends. Unfortunately, not everyone owns their own ski and snow equipment. When organising accommodation at Mansfield, transport and ski hire, the costs do add up quite a bit.

At Alzburg, we want to provide a complete experience so nobody needs to be left out of the fun! Our online store offer lots of value, including discount ski and chain hire prices for your trip up to Mt Buller. We pride ourselves on maintaining our equipment in excellent condition so you can enjoy your time in the snow with a peace of mind. If you are bringing your own gear, simply hire what you need to bring your snow experience to the next level. Driving your own vehicle? Best not to forget checking out prices for our chain hire!

Get On The Slope Quickly With Discount Ski Hire In Mansfield!

Alzburg Ski Hire is the ultimate one stop shop for all your ski and snowboard hire needs.


We offer a great range of skis, boards, and other quality equipment (helmets, gloves, goggles, balaclavas), all current and well maintained.

Ski Equipment is Available for Rental

Mt Buller is not just for professional skiers and snowboarders. We help ensure all our guests at Alzburg Mansfield secure the ski equipment they need to get up onto the slopes for a full day of fun at reasonable prices. We have a whole range of equipment deals available to suit your holidaying needs here. Regardless of whether you are a beginner with no equipment, a casual skier with just the basics or a professional who forget to pack snow goggles, we’ve got you covered!

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